The Case For Islam

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"Clearing Jesus of Blasphemy" Jesus was charged with Blasphemy by his Enemies.Was he charged justly? By Shadid Lewis


Today as in the past, there is much controversy concerning Jesus. Jews say he was a false prophet claiming to have been the messiah.Christians say he was the messiah, and also God in person, as well as the begotten son of God all in one. Muslim agree that he was the messiah sent to the children of Israel, but disagree that he was or is God. The issue of Jesus being God however is the area of the most conflict. We all agree that for someone to say they are God is a serious crime before God.

Did Jesus in fact say he was God? Was Jesus God? Did he commit this crime of blasphemy? This book will examine the evidence and attempt to clear Jesus of this charge placed on him by others. CLICK HERE TO BUY E Book or Paperback cm_sw_r_tw_dp_x_lj8QybRXHX3RK  


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